Aims and Objectives:

  • Selection of suitable foster parents and homes
  • Home-based care for orphans
  • Pre & post-test counseling for HIV status
  • Peer counseling for those affected by HIV/AIDS and its consequences
  • Advocacy and lobbying on behalf of those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS
  • Spiritual care and spiritual teaching
  • Fund Raising

Structure of Two Sisters Drop-Off Orphan Centre:

Project Manager: Patrick Chamusso

He is assisted by a board of 6 members selected by himself:

Chairman: Gloria Lewis
Vice Chairman: Patrick Chamusso
Secretary: Dudu Mbuyane
Treasurer: Leanda van Zyl
Trustees: Robyn Slovo, Shawn Slovo, Chantelle Togo (+44 776360876)
Ministry Officer: Elise Hoyland

The board meets once a month.

The orphans are lodged with foster parents. Two Sisters provides the main meal of the day as well as all medical care, school uniforms and fees and sees to it that the children are well cared for in the foster homes. In return for this, the foster parents help with the daily chores of preparing the main meal, watching over the children at play and keeping the Two Sisters premises clean.

Two Sisters receives no funding from the state but relies on donations from various sources.

Mission Statement:

Two Sisters is an established care centre for children orphaned through the AIDS pandemic. Our aim is to continue to develop and expand the drop-inn centre established in 1999, making it a flagship in the Mganduzweni Trust Area and to set standards for others to follow.

We delivery day to day care of orphans, whose parent(s) have died of HIV/AIDS or related illnesses, and the provision of foster homes where necessary. We endeavor to care for children as soon as they become vulnerable.


People may come and help at Two Sisters but please keep the following in mind:

  • There are no facilities for people to stay at Two Sisters.
  • Volunteers must be prepared to fund their own stay at a nearby lodge.
  • It is imperative to have transport to journey to Two Sisters in the Mganduzweni Trust Area.
  • As the orphans are housed with foster parents in the surrounding area no children stay at Two Sisters and only come for their main meal each afternoon.
  • Two Sisters is registered as a Drop-In centre.
  • Children under school age are under the care of the individual foster parents.
  • Volunteers could assist with supervision of homework, games, tuition, netball & football coaching and serving of food. This would involve approximately 3 hours each afternoon during school term time.
  • On request we can supply the name of local lodges, guest houses and taxi services.
  • Cars can be hired through recognized agencies at the airport.

Current Projects:

  • In 2013 we have begun a vegetable plot … now providing fresh vegetables for the children of Two Sisters.
  • We’ve also started the sewing project. Twelve local people are trained to sew are tought to make comforters.