The Sewing Project

Patrick is empowering the community through a skill that he learned at Roben Island. He teaches 12 ladies at a time, for 3 months, to develop their sewing skills. After the 3 months they are able to open their own shop.

Anyone who can donate a machine for these ladies can contact Patrick: 083 751 0806 or

The Ice Cream Party 2014

About 260 children ranging from under 3 years to 15 received a school bag and stationary to take to school donated by Clinton Gas and Ursula Bock. The idea was that each child should get a sturdy school bag and pens, pencils, exercise book and a lunch box ready for school. They also received an ice cream donated by Ursula.

The Two Sisters Christmas party 2013

We all arrived there at 10 in the morning. It was quite cool because there’s been a lot of rain as you can see from the water running in the road.

When the proceedings began the younger ones held hands and there was this long string of about 120 children who sat down on benches under the big tree. Ursula Bock and Gloria Lewis then opened with a prayer and asking the children why we have Christmas.

Val Morris who writes books for children, then told a story and this was followed by a play put on the Patrick’s two daughters about a selfish woman who lost all her servants and friends.

The big tuck-in then began and everyone lined up for cakes and sweets. Pies were donated by a local pie shop and cakes came from Spar. There were also packs of sweets from Ursula in Canada and sweets from the Winkler Hotel. All in all a pretty good party fare.

Patrick bought a lot of meat and cooked a big lunch for them all I think it went ok and was well represented by our Board as well as other supporters.

There will be an ice cream party in January when school stationary will be given out.

General News 2013 – 2014

Once a year, before Christmas, Ursula Bock visits Two Sisters to see the children and bring both financial and moral support to the Care Centre. This year she spent a day with Patrick and then met with the board for an informal dinner at Gloria and Willie Luus’ house in White River.

The number of children vary but up to 260 are often at Patrick’s door for food before going home to their foster parents. Without supporters these children would suffer even more than they do already.

Water at Two Sisters.

In 2013 Mr & Mrs Barbara Lourens donated a water pump, which are now providing water to Two sisters. Thanks to Mr & Mrs Barbara Lourens our water problems has been solved and are now a thing of the past.

Greetings from Two Sisters 

Sahara Chamusso’s big adventure to Japan December 2011.

Here I come!

12th December 2011. Dear Diary
Today we left home and went to Gloria’s house for prayers and just to say goodbye and may the Lord keep us safe. When we were done with the prayer we went to the Mpumalanga International Airport and sat until 12 noon. At 12.30 we went to the counter to check our tickets and they took our bags and said we will get them in Hong Kong. At 13.35 we departed from Nelspruit to Johannesburg. When the plane started I wanted to throw up but as the plane went higher in the sky my body started to relax. As we were flying they gave us snacks and something to drink. They also told us to sit back and enjoy! When we landed at the OR Tambo we went to Cappie Capello to have some ice cream while we waited for our next flight.

Johannesburg to Hong Kong Class V Seat 53H. At 11.05 we departed from Johannesburg to Hong Kong but before we could leave or depart they told us a few rules we should do in case of an accident. When we were done the plane took off and Hong Kong here we come! They gave us snacks and drinks. For Dinner they gave us: Rice, beef, salad and chocolate. When we were done eating, in front of us we had a television and we listened to music, watched movies or played games.

Tuesday 13th December. It is early in the morning and we are still flying. When I woke up I had a very very very sore headache and one of the ladies who served us gave me pills to take.

For breakfast we had: Eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, salad and a small chocolate.
When we arrived at Hong Kong airport we had to wait for our bags and they told us our bags are in Japan!

14.35 we departed. We had western food but Sayira and Yaaseen ate Chinese food mmm! At 20.36 we landed in Japan and Clinton was waiting for us.

At 21.09 Clinton took us to the hotel to put our bags down and then we went down town to eat fast food because restaurants we closed. After eating we went back to the hotel-zzzz!

December 16th. Took a bullet train to Hiroshima and we spent a day there.
The next morning we took a walk to go and visit the atomic bomb memorial centre and museum and it was very painful to see what happened to the Japanese.

December 17th. Took a train to Kabe and have a meeting with the people who support Two Sisters to thank them for a wonderful job they are doing for us. We had a pizza and drinks and went back to the Hotel to sleep.zzzzzz!

December 17th. We visited the orphanage and my dad presented them with a drawing we did and we played with the children. What a fun day!