A BIG thank you to all our regular Donors:

          run-for-africa     Adriane-Bowles

  • Brian Mercer
  • Pam Golding
  • John Bridt
  • Phillip Noyce
  • Run for Africa
  • Dr Habib Sadeghi
  • Adriane Bowles - Universal Studios
  • Tim Robbins
  • Rooibos Tea
  • Gloria Lewis
  • John Breedt
  • Barbara Lourens
  • May & Clinton Gas; they asked Patrick to speak in Japan in 2011.
  • James
  • Sasol and the US Embassy donate yearly.
  • Ursula Bock donated Patrick's new car and sponsored the Christmas party.
  • Robyn Maclaren provided school bags and stationary in January

Please contact Clinton Gas if you'd like to make a donation: + 81 904 435 6493
Anyone from Universal Studios who would like to make a donation can contact Adriane Bowles - +21 361 08316 or Dr Habib Sadeghi - +310 488 4110.


Meet some of our special friends:


  Our friends from the United Kingdom

  Volunteers who helped with the new site

   Ursula Bock

   Two Sisters Canada



   The Clinton Family

    Dancing4kids in Japan

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   Gloria Lewis & Patrick

    Chairman from White River RSA   


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